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Sunday, December 31, 2006
Happy New Day.


It's sad that a 'new year' isn't just something you can get (or keep) whenever you want. It's not like a new pair of shoes, or something. You can't just go out and buy a new one if you feel like it.

Though it does have the inevitability of shoes. It's inevitable that the new year will end, it's inevitable that a pair of shoes will wear out and die.

And I always feel quite sad when I have to throw out a favourite pair of sneakers. I usually keep them in the back of my cupboard, for nostalgic reasons.



New Year’s Eve always seemed to be a much bigger deal when I was younger. There was more food, more fireworks, more fun. There was a greater sense of anticipation about the whole thing, and the New Year seemed to be a whole new shiny fresh start. Maybe I’m just becoming cynical and off-my-lawn-ish in my old age, but it just doesn’t seem as if a few minutes can make such a difference anymore.

At least, I don’t think it’s the minutes themselves that mean anything. Obviously what you do with those few minutes can make a big difference. I should probably try and come with something awesome to do with those few minutes – something totally life defining – but I think my options are pretty limited.

I guess I could go and hug my sister or something, but that might be a little too emotional for me.



Still, I WAS going to be working to night, so thank goodness I’m not. That work-plan kind of killed the ability to make any other plans, though. I’m so lonely. I should own an Alsatian. (You know they changed ‘German Shepard’ to ‘Alsatian’ during WWII. It’s like “freedom fries.” How propaganda-esque, almost.)



Anyway, I think the reason New Year’s Eve doesn’t seem to be such a big deal is that it’s much easier to stay awake now. Like, when I was little it was SO HARD to make it to midnight. I’d have to try counting to 1047 (because that was the number I always counted to) and I read the ‘Magicians of Caprona’ by Diana Wynne Jones every year.

And now I can stay up ‘til two o’clock in the morning every night, and it’s just not the same, you know?



I love writing ‘o’clock.’ o’clock. o’clock. It’s really fun.



But, despite my slightly melancholy mood, some excitement still exists. I’ve had ‘Bohemian Like You’ stuck in my head all day. And I wore my awesome new purple gumboots, which I just can’t shut up about, and I bought an umbrella. And, okay, so maybe my rampant commercialism isn’t the best way to welcome in the New Year, but those things did make me happy.

And I saw Marie Antoinette (which was actually a really good movie, I don’t know what the critics are on about. Yes, it’s pretty, but it’s also other good plot-filled, subtle things. And I thought her character progressed, I understood her motivations, etc etc. Seriously, movie reviewers just suck, I think).

Anyway, it’s been a good, wholesome day, even if it’s not one that ushers in the New Year with promise and potential and ‘bang’. (That’s onomatopoeia, right?)



Crap. It’s eleven fifty-seven (I love writing numbers in words) and I still really cannot think of something awesome to do. I have three minutes left.

Okay, back in a moment. I might try touching my toes.



Turned out I didn’t have to hug my sister at all. She did it for me. It kind of hurt (both spine and soul).

In those twelve minutes from one year to another I got a glass of water, a hug, my hair pulled, annoyed, and corn chips. I also discussed the choreography of fireworks.

I feel quite hopeful about the New Year, now.


Songs that feel like New Year’s Eve:
‘Evil’ by Interpol for a Reflective Mood.
‘Bittersweet Symphony’ by The Verve for a Future Mood.


Colour of New Year’s Eve:
In retrospect, the past year has been varying shades of green.
Right now I feel royal blue contrasting with canary yellow.
The coming year will be red, I think.

However, red will only kick in once the school year actually starts. I think I might be royal blue/canary yellow for the rest of the holidays, at least.


New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Find a way to slip the words ‘solipsism’ and ‘soliloquy’ into every day life.
2. Do something awesome with my life.
3. Eat more peaches.

Man, it’s times like these I wish I had a horrible addiction to overcome.


Happy New Year, and may everyone get all the joy that those capitalised words bring.


Posted at 05:36 am by tawnyfawn

January 3, 2007   05:36 AM PST
Hi Midge, regarding using "solipsism" in everyday life, if you haven't read 'Starter For Ten' by David Nicholls... um... then you should. The main character is a uni student who earnestly wants to use "solipsism" and "solecism" in conversation, but fails miserably because he can never remember which is which. And... since I just Googled it... apparently it's recently been adapted as a film. :-)

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