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Monday, May 28, 2007
so not cool.

My parents went out to a trivia, quiz thing the other night. They didn’t get home until 11:48…

What the hell goes ON at trivia nights nowadays? Surely they’re just a ruse for old people to meet up with other old people, and show off and decide who knows the oldest information. Since when have trivia nights turned into raving parties that go until almost midnight? Midnight! Old people’s cars turn into PUMPKINS at midnight and their shoes fall off! Aren’t they cutting it a little close?

Anyway, it’s kind of damaging for my self esteem. I went out as well that night, and saw a movie, and I was home by ten o’clock. My parents are cooler than I am… and they went to a TRIVIA NIGHT!

Now that’s pathetic.


A note for professional, recording pop musicians:

I’m not sure why they still exist, but “hidden tracks” on CDs are not cool. They are not rewarding. They do not enhance my appreciation of a CD… In fact, they kind of, a little bit, maybe, make me loathe it with a passion that burns with the fire of a thousand suns.

Myth 1: Secret tracks “reward” true fans of a band…

Because fanatics will sit through 10 minutes of silence to hear a track that probably isn’t even that good. But, as I said, only fanatics will do this. These people are crazy. They do not deserve mentioning.

Surely a REAL fan of a band would LEAP up the minute a CD finishes, RUSH over to their CD player and (once more) press the glorious play button so that they can (once more) listen to the earth-shattering life-transcending music they so love.

Not listen to static for 8 minutes and 37 seconds.

Okay, maybe I’m just lazy and have no patience, but I have better things to do with eight minutes of my life. I could make FOUR packets of 2 minutes noodles in that time, and quarter-cook another so that the noodles are just starting to get soggy. And then I could EAT those noodles, while listening to my CD from the very beginning.

Myth 2: Secret tracks “reward” true fans with awesome songs…

Look, there’s a reason your producer didn’t want to include it on the actual album: because it’s crap. Move on.

(And, if it’s THAT good, why don’t you just release it as a single?)

Myth 3: Secret tracks allow an artist to share a very special part of themselves with a wider audience through song, even if that song is kind of lame…

Look, I’m sure it’s a very, very, “very special” part of you and all, but if it means that much to you… just sing it to yourself as you fall asleep at night. And curl up into the foetal position, or whatever.

I have no tolerance for you.


The scope and range of Tobey Maguire’s acting abilities have truly been revealed in the latest Spider-Man movie, “Spider-Man 3.”

First he is Ego Spider-Man, then Emo Spider-Man (complete with Jared Leto inspired devil-lock), then Spider-Mac (a slick and slightly greasy eyeliner-ed player who hip-shakes his way through town macking on all the ladies) and, finally, heroic Spider “You Da Man” Man, who we’ve all come to know and love.

If it weren’t so bad-ass, it would be just plain bad.



Posted at 01:23 am by tawnyfawn

Lauren (aka JojoAnn)
September 1, 2007   07:38 PM PDT
Hola! You just sent me a message from Fictionpress about really groovaliscious words, and so I thought I'd be completely stalkerish and follow the link on your FP profile to here. And now I've been laughing over how entirely entertaining your blogs are.

My parents do the same thing. Not trivia nights, but they are probably just as boring as me, yet have more friends and stay out until past twelve every wednesday while I stay at home reading. There is something wrong with this. Espescially since what they do every wednesday night is go to their prayer group... *sigh* Just so un-cool.

Anyway, the hidden track thing always bothered me to, and you make a good point. Why WOULD someone listen to static or the sound of their brain shriveling from boredom for eight minutes? Unless there are those type of fans who rush home seconds after buying their cd, hoping there is a hidden track, in which case they would sit there for eight minutes to be disappointed by no hidden track.

June 21, 2007   07:59 PM PDT
Hidden tracks are just tracks that didn't warrant being named on the album cover. They allow you to access all of the good tracks easily without having to skip past stupid track 80% of people don't want to hear.

If you do want to hear them though, you can just skip to them in iTunes or use a program like Audacity to cut the original file into two files and extract the "hidden" track.

Yeah, that's all I wanted to say.


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