Entry: feel-good movies Thursday, July 20, 2006

It’s official. My Dad is the cruellest person on the planet. I know I’ve said it before, but there’s no doubt about it this time. Do you know what he did?

He bought our dog a new collar and lead. A pink collar and lead. A pink, sparkly collar and lead. Brand name? Barbie.

My dog is male.

I mean, I’m all for breaking down gender stereotypes (except for that whole “men crying” thing. Yeah, right) but, I dunno… Pink and sparkly? I wouldn’t even get a female dog to wear that. It just seems so… degrading. It’s like ‘look at me, I’m a stupid bitch.’ (Teehee, geddit? Bitch?) Besides, pale pink just does not go with my dog’s fur. It clashes horribly!
…Okay, yes, that’s a little superficial, but – pink!

… My father has a heart of ice.


Over the past two days I watched the entire first season of ‘Twin Peaks,’ which was like the Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Donnie Darko of the early 90s. As in, it had a cult following, who watched it religiously.

There were only seven episodes in the first season, so it’s not like it was hard to watch them all, but apparently the second season went really weird. Besides which, it was never released on DVD, so I don’t think I’ll ever get an opportunity to watch it.

Anyway, the one bone I have to pick with the show is that by the end of the season nothing was resolved. Nothing. Not the main plot, not the subplots.

I mean, I could understand even if they left the main plot line unresolved. That could be seen as annoying-artistic. You know ‘oh, nothing in life is ever neat and carefully wrapped up. If you want that, you go and get a fluffy romantic comedy/Christmas present. We’re so post-modern it hurts.’ That kind of annoying-artistic.

But not only do they not resolve anything at the end of the first season in regards to main plot, but they don’t do it with anything else either! It’s like ‘oh, she’s pregnant, and this other girl is about to sleep with her father, and this guy keeps his secret possessions in a coconut and this guy keeps on licking a domino (and it’s actually pretty freekin weird) but guess what? We’re not going to resolve anything! Hahaha! This is all just one big cliff-hanger!’ And then they’d continue with something like ‘Hahaha! I mock you with my monkey pants!’

Well, you know what, Mr Movie Man? I’ve had it with you, and your un-resolved-ness! And even if the second season were ever released on DVD, I STILL wouldn’t watch it! That’s how annoyed I am at your lack of planning!

Still, the director was David Lynch so I guess I should’ve expected better.


I’m beginning to think I’m a little melodramatic.

Just a little.

After the Maths test I ranted about fire and brimstone for a while, and how painful my brief trip to the bowels of hell was.

When I couldn’t go see Pirates of the Carribbean today, I waxed poetic about the magnitude of pain I was feeling.

Just five minutes ago, when I watched Forrest Gump for the first time, I almost punched the TV when this poor guy’s fishing boat wasn’t catching any shrimp. (Hey, it was sad! Out of all the shrimp in the ocean, he only caught five/an old boot and a toilet seat.) (Oh, yeah, I guess when some of the characters died it was pretty sad, too…)

It might be a bad thing. I mean, there are children starving in Africa, and ozone layers deteriorating, and seagulls losing legs because of the rubbish is the ocean (or, alternatively, bird-eating fish). Seriously, what’s more important?

I should be putting all of that effort I waste ranting passionately about how sucky it is that the world isn’t made of jelly into ranting passionately about world peace.

Maybe I can do both? We all have our notions of romance.


Oh my goodness gracious me! I watched ‘Battle Royal’ for the first time ever I few days ago… And it’s so good! It’s, like, the feel-good movie of the year!

Except for the blood. And the guts. And the excessive death count. But apart from that, it’s so uplifting! There’s this song at the end which they should just play at every ‘what do you want to do after college’ seminar, because it’s so happy and inspiring. And even though a lot of people died, at least for some of the characters there was this sort of acceptance.

Though, I’ve got to say, I was always really worried about watching Battle Royal, because I was like ‘oh no! How will my sensitive mind cope with the violence?’ But it was pretty tame. I thought me being totally unaffected by Kill Bill was just a one off thing. You know, maybe Kill Bill is just lame as far as R movies go.

But then I watched a whole bunch of other movies that are apparently really violent, and it was kind of… whatever. I just don’t think violence scares me, so much as things that mess with your head. Like Saw 2. Man, just THINKING about that movie now and I have to look over my shoulder.

Okay, just looked over my shoulder, it’s all-good.

But yes, Battle Royal is super fun, if not a little on the violent side (though it isn’t even that graphic).


Life-Goal of my Life – for today: I’m trying to make a ‘Winter’ compilation CD. Like, winter songs that I can listen to in winter. Or listen to in summer, when I want it to be cool again. The songs don’t necessarily have to be about or named after winter/ice, but they have to FEEL like winter, you know? They have to be remote, or cold, or icy, or hot-chocolate-and-warm-blanket-y. Not necessarily sad, just – wintery.




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Read the Battle Royale-manga, and tried to watch the movie afterwards (well, after five volumes anyway), and the manga had so much more backstory and made you care so much for the characters before it mercilessly killed them off, so I just said "bleh" and gave up after 15 minutes. May have been something with my hatred of watching full-length movies on my computer, though...

And you dad isn't evil (oh, well, maybe, but not because of the collar), he just have an evil sense of humor. I hope your dog is a big St. Bernard or something, that would be awesome to watch! (And see, there are worse persons than you in the world, so you need not stop dreaming about a jelly-world. Who knows, if enough people dream about it, it may become true! (That was one of the stranger Sandman-plots. Really. Fucking. Strange.)

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