Entry: Fun, sun... gun? Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cordelia: This is all about me! Me, me, me!
Xander: Wow, for once she’s right.

Buffy - Out of Mind, Out of Sight


My life is so incredibly awesome at the moment. It’s like I picked a bazillion four leafed clovers (and how funny is that number?) and then found a rabbit’s foot lying around (preferably the non-bloody-stump kind).

I totally passed last tri/se-mester, I got two jobs (complete fluke) and the weather has been really nice. And all my new classes are really good and the new book I’m reading (‘The Messenger’ by Markus Suzak) is pretty awesome and I’m able to figure out why I don’t like the bits I don’t like. I also finished reading ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ and now I feel all intellectual that I read a classic when I didn’t have to.

And how much of a nerd do I want to be?

And I might get to do an oral on Buffy in my ‘The Hero’ English class, and in the next room my sister is playing some terribly trashy yet fantastically fun pop-princess music. And I love Futurama.

Life is good. =P


Okay, how do cockroaches survive nuclear bombs, but not half a can of cheapo bug spray?

And also, how do we even know that cockroaches DO survive nuclear bombs? I think it might just be a dirty lie to encourage us to buy more-toxic cockroach-specialised bug spray, instead of relying on trusty ol’ Home Brand.

These are the questions I shall never get answered. Like, why is the standard for measuring how fast piranhas can eat stuff in cows? You know, in documentaries they’re always like, “and these ferocious piranhas that can devour a cow in under 3 minutes…” Like, do cows walk into piranha-infested waters frequently?


I’ve been very nostalgic lately. I was looking at photographs from year eight, and the millions I took at the end of year ten, and I’ve had Avril Lavigne’s ‘Complicated’ stuck in my head (because that was the anthem of early high school) and… and, well, I don’t really know.

It’s not that I particularly miss high school. I’ve taken to college and it’s no-uniform like a fish to some nice, clean, shiny-pebbly-bottomed water. I think my classes are better, and everything is much easier, and I think that everyone has grown as people, or whatever (man, how wanky do I sound?).

But I was still really nostalgic, you know, and now I feel all full of love. Almost like I want to hug something (ew, affection.)



Oh. My. God. Do you see that? There, right above. The ‘midge.’ Yeah? I spelt that out WITH MY NOSE!

Do I have useful skills that we be easily applied to real life, or what?

… I bet there are heaps of instances when being able to type with your nose comes in handy.

Like, just say I was kidnapped and tied up in a laptop factory. And the bad guys left their laptop sitting there, logged onto the internet, and then left. And then I managed to write a ‘help me’ email with my nose!

How useful.


Sometimes I wish I were a stalker, or something. Don’t you think that would be a good way to spend your time? And you’d never be left sitting around thinking ‘man, I’m so bored this afternoon,’ because whenever you didn’t have something to do you could just go stalk your quarry.

Except then you might have to use words like ‘quarry’ in everyday life, and that’d just be weird.


I’m so old! Today I found myself saying ‘I remember when…’!!! But it’s true! I do “remember when.”

I remember when Paddle Pops were only 90 cents.
I remember when Golden Gaytimes were only $1.50.
I remember when Slick Sticks were only 50 cents.

I also remember when I first found out that ‘gay’ was another word for homosexual (don’t ask me how I was so sheltered that this is something I can remember discovering).
I remember the first time I was told a ‘scary puppet comes to life and kills people’ ghost story (a fear that hasn’t left me to this day).
I remember when my grandmother told me ‘I remember when we had to ride our horses to school,’ (and I would have loved to live back then).

And it’s all because I’m getting old. Soon I’ll be dead! I want someone to play ‘walking on sunshine’ at my funeral.

It’ll put the ‘fun’ back in funeral!


I’ve had a lot of dreams recently where I steal the car and drive around… even though I’m only an L-plater and don’t have an adult in the car! I’m such a rebel. I better jump of the crazy train before I land myself in jail.


I just can't end sentences or parahraphs today. You know have you have to end with an upwards lilt? You have to let it hang in the air, and kind of be a fragment? Yeah, I can't do that. It's kind of annoying.



September 1, 2007   08:29 PM PDT
"You know, in documentaries they’re always like, “and these ferocious piranhas that can devour a cow in under 3 minutes…” Like, do cows walk into piranha-infested waters frequently?"

I think you're the only other person in the world who pays attention to these things! I'm always thinking way too deeply into things so some educational film is like,"There are twenty-five ways to accurately kill a human being by poking pressure points in their body! Here! Let's show you a diagram!" And they always sound excited while talking. No body else is like,"Er... how exactly do you know the top 25 ways to kill a person, and why are you telling a bunch of teenagers in a classroom?"

And they think teenagers become so violent from video games...

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