Entry: In the Summertime. Sunday, December 24, 2006

1. In which I talk about Christmas.

It’s Christmas today! That special time of year when we all attempt to put aside our cynicism and selfishness, and share good will and cheer among friends and family. It’s a time of Christmas trees (of which I am a huge fan, because I love the scent of pine) and tacky decorations. Fairy lights and pudding. Crinkled wrapping paper that probably isn’t recycled as much as it should be, and kills thousands of trees.

Personally, I just love the red baubles. Don’t you think a red bauble just represents everything that is Christmas?

Anyway, I’ve had a good day despite the lack of build-up and anticipation. I actually kind of forgot Christmas existed until about 9:00 last night, and then I was like, ‘Whoa, when did that happen?’ Seriously, one moment it’s just the beginning of the holidays, and I have an entire month to do Christmas shopping, and the next my sister is insisting I wake up early to unwrap presents. My, how time flies.

I gave some gifts, and received plenty in return. Many books, mostly, the Serenity movie on DVD, and chunky purple gumboots. I’m wearing them right now (the gumboots, that is, not the books), even though they clash terribly with my black’n’red stripy socks. It’s kind of killing me a little inside, how UN-colour-coordinated I am, but they’re just so darned comfortable I can’t even help it.

But just the excitement of knowing it is Christmas makes the day fun, no matter what. I think it’s some kind of subconscious conditioning left over from primary school, where they hyped the event weeks in advance, and made us make cut-out Santas pretty much constantly. Maybe that’ll pass, as I get ever older, but for now it still has a lingering effect. Well, enough of an effect that I don’t find listening to ‘Flutes at Christmastime’ a painful experience, and am actually kind of enjoying it. ‘Rudolph’ is a pretty catchy jingle.

So yeah, I had fun worshipping Santa.

I hope everyone else had similarly satisfying days. Even the impoverished children in Africa, despite the fact I couldn’t buy them chickens. (I still feel really bad about that.)

2. In which I babble about holidays.

The holidays are upon us once again, and how I rejoice in that! It's the holiday season, the season of holidays. Which, I guess, means that within the school holidays there are other specific holidays, presumably Christmas and New Year's. So how are we supposed to distinguish between Christmas and just regular-weekend-type holidays? What is somebody asks me "What are you doing for the holiday?" Do they mean what will I be doing with the obscene eight weeks of freedom I am given, or do they mean will I still be eating turkey come Boxing Day? And, most importantly, does the distinction really matter at all? (Answer: no.)

Still, I love the holidays. The fact that there's absolutely nothing I have to do, and I can sit with Devo (my dog, not the band) on my sun-deck and enjoy the sun, and I can see almost every movie that comes out this holidays because I am (for once) not completely and utterly broke. Though perhaps the thing I love most: the amount of custard that will be left in my fridge after Christmas... We bought, like, an entire litre! As if anyone could eat/drink that much! (Except for me, that is, a statement I will prove when I eat/drink the leftovers. Though, seriously, how DO you consume custard? Eating or drinking? Really, I think it's somewhere in-between. It's kind of glugging.)

It's the summertime thing that is awesome though. Just the connotations connected with summer. Like the sand, and the warmth and having salt stuck to your arms. I just love THINKING about those things. Though, in all honesty, I kind of hate actually EXPERIENCING them. The summer heat is painful, and I dislike sand getting stuck in my shoes and I detest swimming.

... Okay, so even though I HATE everything about summer, I still like the idea of it. Shut up.

It’s all good fun.

3. In which I complain about work.

Oh, goodness gracious good gravy me. I have been working a lot. A lot, a lot. That’s a lot of a lot, if you’re beginning to catch my drift. And, as consequence, I am exceedingly, painfully, shockingly, brain-numbingly tired. Just to clarify that’s (again) a lot tired.

Seriously, on Saturday? I worked TWELVE hours. That’s as much as TWO school days, and let me tell you, work is a helluva lot more strenuous than school. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated school so much. I mean, seriously, how hard is it? We get to sit around in generally cool (temperature wise) classrooms, tune our completely and talk over the top of teaches, cementing the reputation of teenagers as being rude and surly. Hello, what’s NOT to like about that?

Okay, okay. It’s not actually that bad. Or really bad at all. And I did bring it upon myself, so I don’t really have a right to complain, no matter what happens.

Then again, I think I will anyway.

(On a slight upside, though… Think of the money I will be getting!)

4. In which I have no life and watch all of Firefly/Serenity.

Gah. What a great show. If I were into shipping incest (which, I admit, I am on occasion) I would totally ship River/Simon. How skanky. (But then, ‘skanky’ is very close to ‘swanky’ and, as far as I’m concerned, swanky-ness is totally okay.)

5. In which I have no life and watch Jane Austen movie adaptations.

I watched the recent ‘Pride and Prejudice’, the ‘Emma’ with Gwenyth Paltrow, ‘Mansfield Park,’ ‘Persuasion,’ and ‘Sense and Sensibility.’ All very good.

Of course, then my brain died and I now don’t think I can tell one movie apart from another, but it was worth it. Sacrifices must be made.

6. In which I wish I were a gumnut baby.

You know those babies created by May Gibbs, like Snugglepot and Cuddlepie? How cool would it be to be one of those? I mean, once you got over the constant state of nakedness and spectacularly crap names, it’d be shiny! Like, if you were a girl gumnut baby, you’d get to wear blossoms as hula skirts! And then you could hula!

Just imagine the hijinks that would ensue!


PS. And I'm not even joking about that gumnut baby thing. Imagine!


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